a Sweet Love – Gara & Putri

Dear my husband,

I want your absence to be a reminder to me—reminding me that I love you so much that it hurts when you’re not with me. Strangely enough, it is a kind of hurt that does the heart good—making our times together even more wonderful than before!

It seems the times we are together are so short—yet the few stolen moments we will have with one another will compel us to look forward to the time we will be together forever!

A lifetime together lies shortly ahead; it all seems to be a blessing too great for me to receive!


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Trust and Faith – Derry & Candra

Trust, loyalty and respect are a must for eternal happiness. No matter how much you love someone if you don’t have these ingredients you will never succeed.

To be in love means being patient but to be patient you must trust him/her first. You can never find love through the eye or ear, so you must trust the only thing that will never fade until you die, your heart. Love is like trust, when you find your special someone it is as if you’re trusting them with your heart. Trust is what you put in someone’s hands. Faith is what you hold on to.

Trust is what makes everyone realize that you are always there for them. Faith is what makes everyone realize that you are always there to help them in case they need some help. Love makes not everyone, but the only one in your life who is special, think that you are always there for her, to be with her, to make her realize how much you really love her.

For you can love many, but without trust you have nothing. The heart already knows what the mind can only dream of. Trust your heart. Distance cannot, they are on the inside, but when he or she betrays your trust, they become the ugliest person in the world. Love is patient.

Love is not always fireworks and shooting stars; sometimes it’s a simple understanding and trust between two people.

derry chandra (1)

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Love-Struck Couple – Isty & Panji

“Have you ever felt loved before with anyone in your life before ? and can you tell me what love means to you?”

I think love is caring about someone in spite of their faults not just desiring the Yes I have loved, I am not really sure that i have been loved in the way people talk about though, I have always felt something was missing.

love to me Is putting someone before yourself. It is desiring their pleasure more than your own. As a friend used to say God said it, I believe it, and that settles it good. I think Love is trusting, I think Love is Kind think Love is listening and i think Love is giving.

I think to be in love is to want to spend time with someone more than anything physically, mentally, chemically from heart to heart, soul to soul, body to body, mind to mind and everything in your life with him or her.

The Bride and Groom To be


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A journey of Love-Sally & Rendy

In many ways you and I are a mirror reflection of each other. What echoes between us is a near exact matching likeness of manner, attitude and beliefs, yet we are very different.

Each of us reflects to the other as a carnival mirror might reproduce an image. What is emulated back is fully recognizable, yet the likeness is changed and does not match our own self-view. That is the beauty of being close friends. We can see one another clearly and are each able to give one another a different perspective of our self.

There’s a saying that goes something like friendship isn’t a big thing; it’s a million little things. That’s why even after writing my list I feel it is sorely inadequate. There is so much more. Much of what I know about the friendship we share is beyond my ability to express, yet I know the truth of it at the soul level. I know it best when we can just sit silently and enjoy time together. My life is so much richer because you are my friend and I will live this life always with gratitude for your presence.


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